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We have an expert professional, who will answer and guide you in your purchase, getting you to acquire the necessary materials and thus facilitate your purchase quickly, in addition to our materials are of the highest quality and comply with all standards and electrical code.

 Our goal is to provide the best service to our valued clientele, always thanking us for the opportunity to allow us to serve them.

We also offer the great VPS POWER GENERATOR

The VSP Generator combines a complete energy management system with a battery management system all in one easy-to-use, turnkey, compact unit. This “one cart solution” is really five generators in one: The VSP Generator is an uninterrupted power source [UPS] to facilities that require a guaranteed source of clean, pure sine wave, uninterrupted power with built-in spike and surge protection. Or power a sump pump when the grid power fails. The VSP Generator switches back to grid power automatically and any energy used gets instantly restored via its on-board charging system. Completely maintenance free!

The VSP Generator is the world’s first portable electric generator. It propels itself under its own power. When compared to a gas or diesel portable generator, for 8-10 hours of power, it would cost about $20-$30 for fuel. The same amount of time with the VSP Generator wouldn’t cost anything when connected to portable solar or wind turbine charge kits. Plugged into grid power, it would take six hours and cost $1 to recharge. No smoke, no smell, no pollution, no maintenance, no fuel. Clean pure sine wave electricity with built-in surge and spike protection.

The VSP Generator connects directly to the home’s electrical panel and has a built-in automatic two-way transfer switch.

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